A gift from Wings of Happiness: an adaptive playground and creative workshops for children from Vileyka October 30, 2019

Yesterday, October 29, as part of the second phase of the charity project Wings of Happiness, our company opened a special playground and creative workshops in Vileyka for children with special needs.

An adaptive playground is located on the territory of the center of Correction and Development Training and Rehabilitation in Vileyka. It is equipped with special swings and sandboxes, cocoon chairs, developing boards and sensory flower stands.

“To build this adaptive playground was our dream. There is no doubt that we have different sandboxes and sports equipment, but we didn’t have a place where wheelchairs could come to ride on a swing or our children with autism could touch fresh flowers. Thanks to SK hynix memory solutions Eastern Europe and many caring people who helped with the playground creation, our children now have this opportunity,” said Svetlana Klemyachits, the Director of the center.

The art workshop was opened in elementary school No. 6 in Vileyka. Here, talented teachers together with children will create works in the steampunk style. In the carpentry workshop, which is based on the Vileika special boarding school, the children will learn how to deal with jigsaws and help to reveal talent in the carpentry.
We would like to thank the Ministry of Education, representatives of city and regional authorities, our employees, journalists, partners and all the people who helped in the construction and opening of children's facilities.

It’s our aim to provide opportunities for the development and inclusion in society special children.

Let's provide such opportunities together!

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