About the Company

years of work in the IT market of the Republic of Belarus
employees work in the Minsk office
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About the Company

SKHMS E is an engineering company forming a part of SK hynix, a global South Korean manufacturer of semiconductor memory. We have over 7 years of experience in the development of firmware and embedded software.

The holding SK hynix secures a place in the list of top three global semiconductor manufacturers and specializes in the development of solutions based on semiconductor memory (such as DRAM and NAND Flash) and CMOS image sensors.

Our division is engaged in the development of embedded software and verification of NAND Flash controller hardware. Our solutions are used in the products of global companies and industry leaders.


SK Hynix Inc. was founded in 1983 as Hyundai Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. (more known as Hyundai Electronics). In 2012, SK Telecom became its major shareholder and Hynix merged to SK Group, the second largest chaebol (conglomerate) in the Republic of Korea. In 2014, SK Hynix acquired the embedded software division of the Softeq Development Company in Minsk. Thus began the story of the Belarusian office. In 2018, the company officially changed its name to SK hynix memory solutions Eastern Europe LLC (ООО «СК хайникс мемори солюшнс Восточная Европа»).

Each of our projects is research

We are working on issues that cannot be answered in Google search. We develop solutions that will shape the future of the flash storage industry, and come up with something that can radically change it. We love to solve difficult problems, we rejoice at difficult problems that no one has ever faced.

What We Do

The development of quality embedded software, useful models, efficient algorithms, and verification of complex digital circuits for the implementation of the most strict requirements and incredible hypotheses – this is what inspires and stimulates us. And this is exactly what our employees do at various levels.

Flash drives

In today’s digitally intensive world, the rapid growth of the amount of data stored and processed requires affordable, high-capacity and long-term storage devices with high-speed access and efficient power consumption.

We help the SK hynix company to create revolutionary flash-based storage devices and develop innovative technologies, such as IoT (Internet of Things) and PIM (Processing in Memory).


We create embedded software and tools that assist the development process (simulators, models, tests, software for code analysis and optimization).

Embedded software ensures efficient data allocation, wear levelling of storage elements, and atomicity of data write and erase operations in case of power loss, enables error handling, and provides interfaces for host and flash-memory access.


We are engaged in the validation and verification of flash-memory controllers. A completed system often has many hardware accelerators and contains dozens of processors, gigabytes of RAM, and terabytes of flash-memory. The complexity of such systems requires the introduction of modern approaches where the verification process is divided into several stages: subblock-level verification, subsystem-level verification, system-level verification, and FPGA-based prototype validation – all this ensures a high quality of validation and reliable detection of critical errors, which can be very costly.

The SoC team is also involved in the development of new VIP (Verification IP) and support of existing VIP for the latest high-speed data protocols.

Corporate social responsibility

The success of a company depends on a lot: business ideas, hard work, a share of luck… However, the most important component is people. All our activities are possible only thanks to people, our employees, who are our highest value.

In turn, the employees of our company pay great attention to volunteering and initiatives related to corporate and social responsibility. For all of us, CSR is not only about money, it is, in many ways, about awareness. We know: everyone can help!

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Our Expertise

Every minute, over 69,000 photos and videos are posted to Instagram, YouTube users upload 500 hours of new video, and Google gets another 4,800,000 searches. To store such a volume of data, it is necessary to have devices available to each user with the maximum capacity and storage time of information, high speed of writing and reading data, capable of spending the minimum amount of electricity.

SKHMS E is an expert in creating high quality, high-performance and high-capacity solid-state drives based on NAND technology.